Police Chief Trevor Whipple Retires

WHEREAS, the members of the South Burlington City Council are celebrating service to the citizens of South Burlington by Chief Trevor S. Whipple, and the Community has benefited from Chief Whipple’s inclusive, caring, and professional leadership, and

WHEREAS, Chief Whipple has exemplified the most important qualities of a police officer and leader; integrity, trust, professionalism, fairness and respect, and has served the people of South Burlington for 12 years and the citizens of Vermont for more than 30 years as a police officer, and

WHEREAS, Chief Whipple has served as the lead Juvenile Law instructor in Vermont and as a lead Animal Cruelty Investigation instructor, and

WHEREAS, Chief Whipple has been a leading force in the development and implementation of “Community Outreach;” a program 
created in partnership with the Howard Center and six participating communities to embed mental health counselors with first 
responders which has made a tremendous improvement in our response to residents and visitors suffering from mental health 
challenges, and

WHEREAS, Chief Whipple has been a leader in the effort to form the Chittenden County Public Safety Authority which will enable the consolidation of multiple and separate emergency dispatch services in Chittenden County into one, unified service thereby greatly improving the efficiency and effectiveness of responses to residents and visitors in crisis, and

WHEREAS, Chief Whipple has actively participated in the Constitutional Council of Accountability with Law Enforcement Officials (CCALEO) to address issues and measure progress toward a fair and impartial system of law enforcement, and

WHEREAS, Chief Whipple was recognized by his peers as a respected leader in law enforcement by being elected President of the Vermont Police Chiefs Association, and 

WHEREAS, Chief Whipple as been the acknowledged leader in focusing law enforcement attention on the growing problem of human trafficking in Vermont, and

WHEREAS, recognition of Chief Whipple’s leadership extended to the national level with his appointment to the Medal of Valor Review Board and his service as Chair for four years,

NOW THEREFORE LET IT BE RESOLVED that on behalf of the residents of the City of South Burlington the City Council does hereby recognize and extend its deepest appreciation for Chief Whipple’s service and dedication to the residents of the City of South Burlington whose lives are the better for his years of service and that Chief Whipple exemplified the commitment to justice and fairness that leads to making a true difference in a community, and

LET IT BE FURTHER RESOLVED  that we the Members of the City Council recognize and honor our Chief of Police, Trevor Whipple, for his devotion to duty, compassion for victims, mentorship to other officers, and commitment to community, and

LET IT BE FURTHER RESOLVED that a signed copy of this resolution shall be presented to Chief Trevor Whipple, and that this resolution will be inserted in its entirety in the minutes of this South Burlington City Council meeting.