Engage in Meaningful Business

South Burlington is part of a thriving greater metro area of over 214,000 residents. We are proud to be part of the most important economic hub in the State.

New and expanding businesses enjoy an unsaturated market and potential to grow in South Burlington. 

Our community proudly supports the Chittenden County economy with 23% of all sales in a five mile radius of South Burlington's downtown. Our City Center business district is home to many national and local, retail and non-retail businesses, including Vermont’s largest indoor shopping mall. South Burlington is in the process of developing a central downtown area for people to live, work, and play. The City Center Initiative  is creating huge opportunities for businesses and residents to move into the City and experience a walkable lifestyle convenient to jobs, services, and amenities.

South Burlington has a current daytime population of 25,000 including residents, employees, and visitors.  Commerce and transportation of goods are efficient with major Vermont thoroughfares in close proximity to our business district (Interstate 89, Williston Road/US Route 2, Shelburne Road/US Route 7, Dorset Street and Hinesburg Road).  South Burlington is also home to Vermont’s one and only international airport which serves both commercial and private airlines and is home to the Vermont National Guard (Army andAir  National Guard).  Our City Center business district enjoys 15-minute peak hour public transit stops, making travel for everyone convenient and reliable.  

In South Burlington, we are committed to business development and have made it easy for existing businesses and forward-thinking entrepreneurs to do business in South Burlington. Check out our resources for starting a business in South Burlington. We currently house one third of all retail space in Chittenden County and 25% of all office space. The City’s implementation of a Tax Increment Finance (TIF) Plan is our commitment to maintain South Burlington as one of Vermont’s premier livable communities.  With the TIF District, South Burlington has a once in a generation opportunity to quickly and sustainably become a compact, walkable, and livable downtown supporting commercial, social and cultural activites.

South Burlington also contains a designated Opportunity Zone - census tract 50007003600 - an area in which investors recieve preferential tax treatement when investing in Opportunity Funds.

The City Center Initiative is creating huge opportunities for businesses and residents to move to the City. Check out our link to see what the future has in store for South Burlington.  Home to Target, H&M, Trader Joe's and other nationally recognized brands and regionally iconic treasures such as Healthy Living, Al's French Fries, Higher Ground and the Alpine Shop, City Center is open to meet your needs. 

We hope that this website is helpful in answering questions and informing both prospective and established business owners about the amazing opportunities in our City!